What’s Coming Up – Week of January 22-26, 2018

Happy Friday Parents!  A shorter message this week.  Please read carefully as it pertains to camp.  Below, you can check out some pictures that give a little insight into what we’ve been learning about this week.  Enjoy your weekend!


  • Any remaining balances for fifth-grade camp/activities will be due on February 1. An updated account reminder went home this week.
  • A couple questions came in regarding chaperones for camp.  We will be sending out a chaperone interest note on February 7th to ask for interest, once those are received back on February 14th, we will do lottery if interest exceeds the number we can take.

In science this week we have been looking at classifying and sorting materials by looking at their physical properties.  

We came up with some sorting criteria based off of some mystery materials.

We used sticky notes to capture our categories.

We grouped and sorted materials accordingly.


In ELA, we are working through historical fiction novels in our book clubs.  We’ve been talking through what it means to research on the run as we grasp the historical context in which we find our characters.  We’ve used our resources to dive deeper into the settings of our novels to give us clarity and a deeper understanding of our characters’ thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Students looked at maps of the locations of some key places during the American Revolution.

Students shared their findings with each other as they pieced together clues that helped make their stories come alive.

Students are using their book club packets to record details that aid in the comprehension of their novels.

Students examine videos that bring to life the stories they are reading about.

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