Midweek Reminders!

Hello parents!
A couple things came to mind this morning and I thought I would share them before they leap out of my mind!  Please note the following items!
  • 5th-grade activity fee is due tomorrow, February 1st!  Chaperone info will be coming out soon in the next week or two.
  • Dress like a gym teacher on Friday! Encourage your child to dress sporty on Friday as they will play the teachers in floor hockey!
  • Donation Request: tissues and wipes!  We are battling germs like superheroes in here by wiping down our desks, chairs and common areas.  That means that we have been using a ton more Chlorox-type wipes every week than normal.  With cases of the flu this flu season being higher than normal, we want to continue to battle it out but are beginning to run low on our supply.  Would you consider donating a container or two of both wipes and tissues?  Thanks!

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