What’s Coming Up – Week of March 12- March 16, 2018

Hello parents!  It’s a bit of a short update this week but we’ll connect in person early-mid next week during our conference time!  Also, check out some photos below of some math work we were doing this week exploring the volume of composite-solid figures!


  • Conferences – I am looking forward to meeting with you at conferences!  
    • Link to my conference schedule
  • March 15 – Instrument fittings
    • Teachers from the middle school will be coming to Georgetown; they will bring band and orchestra instruments here to have the students try them out.
  • Jet’s Pizza Night- THURSDAY, MARCH  8th!  Mention “Mr. Cooley’s Class” when you order!
  • School Safety Request from Mr. Cooley
    • If your child is a safety, please check at home for any brightly-colored safety belts that may be around.  We need those to rotate to new safeties each week. Thank you!

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