What’s Coming Up – Week of May 7 – May 11, 2018

Hello Parents!  We were so glad to see many of you who made it to the camp meeting this week!  If you were unable to make it, look below for a link to the presentation that was shown that highlights the important information regarding what students will do, what to pack, medication guidelines and pick-up & drop-off procedures.  PLEASE REVIEW & REFERENCE THIS CAREFULLY!


Our T.E.A.M. program started this week. T.E.A.M. stands for: TEACHING, EDUCATING, AND MENTORING (T.E.A.M.)  and is a school liaison program put on by the Michigan State Police.  It features a school-based, “law-related” curriculum, taught to by T.E.A.M. trained police officers.  T.E.A.M. will take place on Wednesdays and will be led by Deputy Smith from the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department.

Important Dates:


  • May 4 – Look out for a white PowerSchool Web Portal letter coming home with your child which details accessing important online registration and transportation information for next school year!
  • May 9 – Medication Form / Camp Waiver form Due
  • May 11 – Early Release
  • May 15 – Let your child’s teacher know if you will be visiting during the day at Camp
  • May 17-18 – 5th Grade Camp

Check out some of what we’re doing in ELA!  We’ve begun a new unit called, Argument & Advocacy, in which we are examining opinion-based reading and writing.  Currently, students are working in groups to search through articles that take different positions on particular arguments.  We are navigating elements of ethical research by holding on to our biases while we understand each point of view surrounding the topic.  After understanding both sides of the issue, students will choose a side and write to support that point of view in a balanced way.  Some topics include: Should We Recycle? ,  Should Competitive Sports be Allowed in Schools? , Should Killer Whale Shows be Banned? , Is Climbing Mount Everest Worth the Risk?, Should We Focus More on Space or Underwater Exploration? and Should Animals be Kept in Zoos? ,  Check out some photos from our work today!

Jacob realizes how much work goes into ethical research!

Weeding through different points of view takes a lot of effort!

Spreading out materials to see the “Big Picture!”

Sharing thoughts about each article!

Highlighting and making notes on evidence that support different claims.


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