What’s Coming Up – Week of May 14 – May 18, 2018

Hello Parents!  5th-grade camp is coming up quick! Hopefully, you and your child are already talking about what to pack and have some things beginning to be laid out! If not, use this weekend as a kickstart to avoid “packing panic” later on in the week…we’ve all been there!!!  Help your child to be PROACTIVE!

We are still working on curriculum content and we are noticing some end-of-the-year tune out.  The weather is getting nicer and students are getting antsy.  Support your child with a positive attitude and encourage them to stay focused!

Math: We are continuing our work with Measurement and Geometry.

ELA: We are working on units in reading and writing on Research-Based Argument Essays.

Social Studies: Unit 7 A New Nation

Science: We will continue to investigate the patterns and relationships between our Sun, Moon, and Earth.

Important Dates:

  • May 11 – Early Release
  • May 15 – Camp plan for pick up due (Pink Half-Sheet)
  • May 15 – Let your child’s teacher know if you will be visiting during the day at camp
  • May 17-18 – 5th-grade Camp
  • May 25 – 5th-grade celebration

Ottawa County Police Officer, Eric Smith, shares safety tips with our 5th graders

Students worked on quick, “flash debates,” to see the strength of different positions on an issue in ELA

While listening to their group members defend a point of view, others noted the points that both sides were making

Students prepared important evidence that they would use to defend claims

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