What’s Coming Up – Week of September 10-14, 2018

Hello parents!  We’re completing our second week and beginning to fall into more routines and rhythms!  As the weather continues to ebb and flow from hot to cold and back again, remember to send your child with a water bottle to help them stay hydrated.

We’ve been working on lots of team building and get-to-know-you activities lately.  Check out some photos below from a challenge where students needed to work together to “Save Sam,” a cap-sized gummy worm who needed to find his way back into his boat and put on his “life jacket,” all without being touched by his student helpers!  Students needed to think outside the box in order to help our squiggly friend back to safety!  We learned about effective communication, collaboration, and creative thinking strategies in order to be successful and made connections to learning that we’ll do this year!


  • Early release on Friday, September 14.
  • Sack lunch will be available; students may order in the morning when they arrive.
  • Staff book study for the 2018-19 school year is GROWTH MINDSET COACH. It is a month by month guide that helps us shift our teacher and student thinking to a GROWTH mindset approach to learning.  Each month, we’ll introduce a new GROWTH MINDSET PHRASE to our students and expand their beliefs about their own ability to learn through practice, mistakes, failures and more practice.  This months phrase is above — Everyone Can Learn.  For more info, click the link included above!

Math: We are getting started on Unit 1: Adding and Subtracting with Fractions

ELA: We are working on establishing our reader’s workshop and building agency and independence as readers. In writing, we’re starting our first unit on writing a memoir.

Social Studies: Unit 1: Our Government

Science: Our science this year will be inquiry-based. We’ll start by building routines and learning about scientific and collaborative practices.


Puzzled at how to get his life jacket on!

Working together requires concentration!

Coordination is key!

Coming up with a plan!

Who knew success could taste so sweet!

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