What’s Coming Up – Week of January 14-18, 2019

Hello parents!  I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season!  Students were telling me the wonderful highlights and fun family moments.  We were talking as a class this week how we will begin tightening expectations in the new year.  Students had the realization that they will become 6th graders in just 5 short months! Eek!  So, we discussed the need to have a positive, growth mindset as we prepare for our big transition and ready ourselves emotionally, socially, and academically.  Lots of activities to come, including diving into some resources and reflection activities with 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students by Stephen Covey. Check out some happenings below!  Cheers to a brand new year!


Early Release: Friday, January 11th.

Camp News:

  • Balance reminders for fifth-grade activity fees will be sent home on Wednesday, Jan. 16. Remaining balances are due by February 1!
  • Information regarding opportunities for parents to volunteer as camp chaperones will be coming home shortly after midwinter break.

Math: We are working on a unit that focuses on multi-digit multiplication of whole numbers and decimals.  Please continue to help your child with their multiplication math facts.

ELA: Historical Fiction:

  • We are focusing on becoming powerful readers of historical fiction texts.  Students are reading historical fiction novels in small groups as book clubs.  To keep up with reading expectations, it is important for your child to honor their group’s reading plan.    
  • Reminder….The students are expected to read 100 minutes a week. As a parent please initial the log when they read at home, showing you confirm your child has read for the minutes recorded.

Social Studies: We are exploring the early English settlements and colonization.  Be on the lookout for study materials that focus on the 13 colonies.

Science: We are kicking off our new unit, “Ch-ch-changes” on physical changes.  Check out some images and a video from our last unit below!

We had a great time during our holiday breakfast!

The tables were decorated and set nicely!

Everyone enjoyed the special time together! Thanks for your contributions!

In Science, we conducted a shoreline investigation.

Students observed the effects of waves on a natural seashore…

…and built some seawalls to observe the effects on the natural land nearby.

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