Optional Online Social Studies Test

Due to the MANY snow days, I have decided to give students the option to complete the social studies test online. If students prefer, they may take the paper & pencil version of the test at school on the day we return. 
If your child chooses to take the test online:
  • He or she must work on the test with a parent or guardian in the room.
  • Use academic honesty and integrity
  • He or she must work independently. 
  • Students may not look at any study materials (study guide, maps, notes, Quizzizz, etc.) while they take the test.
  • Students may ask a parent or caregiver to read aloud question(s) that are confusing, but that person may not help the student select answers. 
  • Students may only take the test one time. 
  • A parent/caregiver will be asked to agree that the student will follow the guidelines above before the student may complete the test.
I sent an invitation to students via their school email accounts to take the test online if they wish.
Again, taking the test online is OPTIONAL. Students may choose to take the pencil/paper version of the test upon our return to school if they are more comfortable with that method.
Thanks for your willingness to help try something new!

Welcome Back + Camp + Valentine’s Day

Hello, parents.

After many days off and then a two-hour delay this morning, I was so glad to see your children’s smiling faces this morning! I will provide the usual weekly update later this week, but I wanted to give you some information on some upcoming events.

  • Fifth-grade camp will be here before we know it! We are looking for parents who would be interested in chaperoning at camp. Today your child should have brought home a sheet detailing the dates of camp and expectations of chaperones. If you are interested in being a chaperone for camp, please follow the instructions on the sheet.
  • Valentine’s Day is next Thursday.
    • In fifth grade, we do not do parties for Valentine’s Day.
    • We will have an optional Valentine exchange. If your child chooses to participate, please have him or her bring a Valentine for each student in the class (29). It is best if your child simply fills out the “From” portion of the Valentine and leaves the “To” portion blank. This makes the distribution process much more efficient.
    • We will decorate bags to use to gather our Valentines, so there is no need to create a box or container to send in.