What’s Coming Up – Week of March 18-22, 2019

Hello Parents! It was so great to see you once again for this round of conferences! It’s always good to touch base in person to celebrate and talk about progress face to face. Check out an update of the coming week as well as some photos of our learning from this week! Enjoy your weekend!

Important Dates:

  • The end of fifth grade is full of exciting events. For your convenience, we’ve created a list of important dates. We’ve linked it to each of our blogs; you can view it here.


  • We are working on unit 6 which focuses on operations and word problems.


  • We will continuing our research unit in both reading and writing pertaining to the Revolutionary War.  Students will begin a Google Slides presentation.

Social Studies:

  • Unit 5 test will be on Tuesday. Students have study guides to help them review.
  • We will begin unit 6: The Revolutionary War.

    We worked on a Collaborative Challenge math warm up meant to stretch our thinking!

    This challenge revolved around a simple task that encourages student talk and collective problem solving.

    This task required students to arrange cards, numbered 1-8, into three circles. The sum of the cards in each circle needed to total exactly 13. Sounds easy enough, however, students struggled to make it all work out and eventually discovered that some numbers needed to be shared by two circles.


    To prepare for our upcoming Social Studies test, students worked together on a 10-minute research project to find out more about some individuals who were influential in the Road to the Revolution.

    Notable people they learned about were: George Washington, John Adams, Abigail Adams, Phillis Wheatley, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, and Benjamin Franklin.

    Since this was a timed research project, students needed to work quickly and efficiently. Groups needed to divide and conquer when looking up information and were required to build a Google Slide based on one of the assigned individuals above.

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