Conversation with Drew Formsma

Hello Parents!  Wow! Today, we had a great conversation with seventeen-year-old Drew Formsma, author of, Everyday Generosity!  Students did a great job reading their prepared questions and absorbing much of Drew’s knowledge and wisdom.  We asked questions about his work that inspires young people to be generous and how that give others, and ourselves, so much joy!  We also focused questions to help us understand how Drew interprets having a growth mindset, a theme we’ve been exploring at Georgetown and in our classroom this year.  He shared stories from his childhood and practical advice for us as students begin their transition towards middle school.  I hope students got as much as I did today and discovered that we can connect with, and learn from people we hear about and admire!

What’s Coming Up – Week of May 6-10, 2019

Hello, parents!  What a relief it is to be back into routine and starting some new things once again!  A couple things to let you in on as a class:

We’ve been talking all year about reaching out to people we admire or read about and connecting with them so that we can learn a little bit more about what they’re doing and why they chose to speak about or write about their passions.  Also, we want to the opportunity to ask some growth mindset questions in the form of an interview to see

how these people overcome obstacles. We had the opportunity to connect with Drew Formsma, a sixteen-year-old who travels the country with his father, Brad, to speak about giving and generosity.  We first heard about Drew through playing a podcast snippet of him describing the obstacles he had when launching his first business at 9-years-old (yes, you read that correctly!).

After listening, we checked out his website and found out that there was a link to connect with him.  We sent an email and he responded!  To prepare for our conversation, we have been researching a little more about him and his father’s book, websites, and other materials available online.

We pulled out our growth mindset workbooks today and looked through the interview questions and created a list of some things that we could ask during our time with him.  I will post again about how things go!

Check out some further happenings below!


Camp News:

  • Parent meeting for fifth grade camp will be on Wednesday, May 8, at 6:00 PM.
  • A brief meeting for chaperones will immediately follow.
  • Students do NOT need to attend this meeting; we will meet with students separately during the day.

Important Dates:

  • The end of fifth grade is full of exciting events. For your convenience, we’ve created a list of important dates. We’ve linked it to each of our blogs; you can view it here.


  • We are wrapping up Unit 7: Algera, Patterns, and Coordinate Graphs and will be beginning Unit 8: Measurement and Geometry


  • We are continuing to learn how to create an argument and advocacy writing piece.


  • We are launching our third unit: To Infinity and Beyond! We will explore forces and motion using a theme of a hot air balloon journey around the world!

Social Studies:

  • We are in our final social studies unit: A New Nation. We’ll learn about how the United States formed its government.