What’s Coming Up – Week of May 27-31, 2019


Craigs Cruisers Details

  • Friday, May 24th.
  • Gone from Georgetown…10:00-2:00.
  • Students will eat lunch at Craig’s Cruisers
  • It would be fun for the 5th graders to wear their 5th grade t-shirts! 🙂 Not required, but optional!

Important Dates:

The end of fifth grade is full of exciting events. For your convenience, we’ve created a list of important dates. We’ve linked it to each of our blogs; you can view it here.

In math, we created line plots and analyzed data from dice roll sums that we recorded.

We rolled, added, and recorded our data in a frequency table. Then, we created line plots and compared the data.

In science, we began exploring the phenomenon of the sun and seasons by looking at shadow patterns.

We started making connections about temperature and the path of the sun.

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