What’s Coming Up – Week of September 2-6, 2019

Welcome to our first official blog post of the year!

We’ve had a great start to the year!  This week, we’ve enjoyed getting to know each other, learning class expectations, and working on some team building exercises.  We are looking forward to next week for getting into more of a routine and begin our academic schedule. Check out below for some photos of our week!

Important Reminders:

Birthdays are wonderful opportunities to celebrate each child in our classroom. I will provide a treat for each student on his or her birthday or on the closest school day. If a child has a summer birthday, we’ll celebrate on his or her half birthday. Some families also like to celebrate birthdays by sending in a treat for the class, while others opt not to send anything. In the interest of health and safety of all students, fifth grade teachers are asking that families do not send in food or toys as birthday treats.

Instead, please consider sending something for the class to enjoy such as:

  • A game for the classroom
  • A classroom book (A nice touch would be to your child pick it out, sign it, and date it.)
  • A classroom set of items for each child to keep such as pencils, pens, erasers, markers, etc.

The items listed above will still make your child feel special and they will last a lot longer than a food item.

You can find a wish list including books and other items for our classroom on Amazon; you can also find a link to our wishlist on our classroom blog. GEORGETOWN ROOM #307 WISH LIST


  • We are starting our first math unit, Addition & Subtraction with Fractions! We’ll do some fraction review and then begin building our skillset. 


  • We’re working on establishing procedures for our readers’ and writers’ workshop time.


  • We’ll begin discussing collaborative work practices and scientific understanding prior to our first unit.

Social Studies:

  • We’ll begin the year with a review of our government.

We connected ourselves to a string to signify that we are all connected and will support one another with whatever comes our way this year!

Whether we go through something tough or we have something to celebrate, we’ll feel it as a class family!

We used skittles to help us remember some basic fraction concepts from last year!

It was a fun and tasty way to get back into math and refresh our brains!