What’s Coming Up – Week of September 9-13, 2019


  • Next week we will begin our first set of practice safety drills for the year. 
  • The district has adopted a K-12 behavior matrix that is familiar to Georgetown.  The district model, SOAR, blends beautifully with our school mission of BE NICE, WORK HARD, LEARN WELL.  We want our kids to SOAR wherever they are at Georgetown — and many of our existing expectations have meshed well with BE SAFE, OWN IT, ACT RESPONSIBLY and BE RESPECTFUL.  This week our SOAR focus was the BUS. In coming weeks we’ll focus on the playground, lunchroom, and hallway behaviors.  

Important Reminders:

Birthdays are wonderful opportunities to celebrate each child in our classroom. I will provide a treat for each student on his or her birthday or on the closest school day. If a child has a summer birthday, we’ll celebrate on his or her half birthday. Some families also like to celebrate birthdays by sending in a treat for the class, while others opt not to send anything. In the interest of health and safety of all students, fifth grade teachers are asking that families do not send in food or toys as birthday treats.

Instead, please consider sending something for the class to enjoy such as:

  • A game for the classroom
  • A classroom book (A nice touch would be to your child pick it out, sign it, and date it.)
  • A classroom set of items for each child to keep such as pencils, pens, erasers, markers, etc.

The items listed above will still make your child feel special and they will last a lot longer than a food item.

Picture This…Our Class at Work!

We interviewed each other to find out things that we’re good at!

We discussed how we’ve been able to train our brains to become good at those things.

We helped each other see how much we’ve grown in our abilities over the years. Having a growth mindset takes work, but is helpful to learn new things!

We’ve been discussing what it means to develop our reading lives and have been deciding together how we want our class to track our reading, organize our books, and share about what we’re reading. Today, we tackled the organizational side of things!

We cleared the shelves and sorted into piles by author!

Each person owned an area of the alphabet and sorted through books!

It was a BIG mess before it got better…

With all hands on deck, we were able to get the job done!

Students sorting baskets for better ways to help each other find good books!


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