What’s Coming Up – Week of December 16-20, 2019


  • Early Release – Friday, December 13
  • Upcoming Spirit Week – December 16-20
    • Monday- Green/Red Day
    • Tuesday- Holiday Hat Day
    • Wednesday- Cozy Scarf/Socks Day
    • Thursday- PJ Day
    • Friday- Holiday Sweater Day
  • Holiday Party Details! -Friday, December 20th!
    • Thanks to everyone who signed up for something! There are still some spots available for things to bring and we could use another cook and server if you’re available! Check the Sign Up below!
    • Click this link to see our SignUp on SignUp.com: https://signup.com/go/qnPdPhy
  • Penguin Patch Shopping Day- Wednesday, December 16th!

To help prepare for the test, students worked together to write their own work problems based on equations that we’ve been working on.

They needed to write out a situation that went with the equation. The group also needed to write out how to solve the problem on the back of the card. Later, students traveled in pairs to solve their classmates’ word problems!

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