What’s Coming Up – Week of January 13-17, 2020

Hey parents! Happy 2020! I hope this year brings much joy and laughter to your family! Check out what we’ve been up to and see some things that are coming up!


  • Jet’s Pizza Night TONIGHT (Jan 9!)
  • Screenagers: The Next Chapter Event – Tuesday, January 21st, at the Hudsonville Freshman Campus from 6:00-8:00
  • Early Release – Friday, Jan. 31

Community Education Opportunity: Film Screening and Panel Discussion of Screenagers: The Next Chapter

As a 5th grade team, we feel this would be a great opportunity for parents to check this out as it is in line with a lot of things we’ve been noticing and observing in students as technology continues to play an important role in students’ lives. Check out the trailer for the film, Screenagers: The Next Chapter, or the original film, Screenagers, to help inform you and your family as you navigate the increasing social demands and pressures of today’s students with technology.

We are getting into our fourth unit, multiplication with whole numbers and decimals.
To prepare and review, students should be completing MobyMax Fact Fluency practice at home for five minutes per day unless they have mastered all math facts.

We’re beginning a reading and writing unit which will be investigating non-fiction texts and tackling text complexity.
Students should be reading for 20 minutes each night and filling out the reading log.

We’re discussing collaborative work practices and scientific understanding.

Social Studies:
We will be continuing our fourth unit, Life in the Colonies.

New Podcast ALERT!

We had the opportunity to host and interview Hudsonville Public Schools Board President, Ken Hall, in our classroom!  January is Board Member Appreciation Month and we wanted to invite him in to see and experience life in our building!  Students welcomed him, asked questions, gave him a tour of the building. On the tour students highlighted special areas, events, and memories that were important to them as they led him around the school visiting several classrooms where learning was taking place.  Lastly, a small team of students, Cal, Morgan, & Alison, developed questions and conducted a podcast interview which you are about to hear! They wanted to him to share a little about his role, find out about how reading plays a role in his life, and get advice about how to develop a growth mindset.

We want to thank Mr. Hall for taking the time to join and share with us today, as well as his role in helping make Hudsonville Public Schools a great place to learn! Also, many thanks to the other board members who serve alongside Mr. Hall who work as a team to represent the tax payers of Hudsonville and make this an extraordinary community.

Our Class at Work

Students with Hudsonville Public Schools Board President, Ken Hall, as they conduct a podcast interview during his visit to our class.