What’s Coming Up – Week of February 17-21, 2020


  • Camp Chaperones – A letter came home outlining chaperone opportunities. Please return the form if you are interested in being a chaperone by Tuesday, Feb 18th. Parents will be notified by March 2nd.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences (Monday, March 9 & Wednesday, March 11)

February 21 – Early Release

March 3 – Symphony Trip (No chaperones needed)

March 6 – Early release

March 9 – Baldwin Street Middle School Visit 10:30-2:00 (Mrs. Ball and Mrs. Wysocki’s classes only)

March 10 – Baldwin Street Middle School Visit 10:30-2:00 (Mrs. Walenta’s class only)

March 11 – Baldwin Street Middle School Visit 10:30-2:00 (Mr. Cooley’s class only)

Check Out What We’ve Been Up To!

To help prepare with our Unit 4 Social Studies test we worked collaboratively on a digital escape room!

The escape room included several reading passages about early colonial life and had quiz questions, puzzles, and interactive images. Student have access to this in their emails if you want to offer some educational computer time at home!

In Science, we kicked off an investigation which involved a simulation to show an effect zebra mussels have on ecosystems.

Students performed, observed, and modeled the investigation in groups and each had a role.

It was fun to see our “lake water,” a mixture of soil and coffee grounds, be filtered by our “zebra mussel,” the coffee filter.

We also discussed whether or not “clear” water was good or bad for ecosystems. We’ll continue this investigation and conversation as we look at the further impacts of zebra mussels.

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