What’s Coming Up – Week of March 2-6, 2020


  • Parent-Teacher Conferences (Monday, March 9 & Wednesday, March 11)
      • Please see the link with the Spring parent-teacher conference schedule HERE
  • Scholastic Book Fair March 9-13 Our class’s preview day is Tuesday, March 10 and our shopping day is Thursday, March 12
  • Show off your 5th grade spirit! Join us in wearing our 5th grade shirts every Friday

March 3 – Symphony Trip (No chaperones needed)

March 6 – Early release

March 9 – Baldwin Street Middle School Visit 10:30-2:10 (Mrs. Walenta’s class only)

March 10 – Baldwin Street Middle School Visit 10:30-2:10 (Mrs. Wysocki’s class only)

March 11 – Baldwin Street Middle School Visit 10:30-2:10 (Mrs. Ball and Mr. Cooley’s classes only)

**March 17 7:00 PM Middle school music information night for parents at Riley Street Middle School

**March 18 7:00 PM Middle school music information night for parents at Baldwin Street Middle School 

**These meetings will include the same information regardless of location; you may attend the one that best fits your schedule.

Check Out What We’ve Been Up To

We performed an investigation to examine water clarity. We used a secchi disk to measure the depth of which we could see into the water.

We looked at 3 different buckets with different amounts of soil mixed in with water. We did three trials for each bucket to measure the depth to ensure consistency.

Group members had to work together to stir, drop, observe, and record their data.

It was cold outside, but at least the sun was out to help encourage warm thoughts!

Students had to pay attention to when the disk “disappeared” int he water.

Student took turns in various roles. 

To review for our math test, we played Jeopardy in class. Each group worked on math problems and were awarded points for correct answers!

If the team who got to choose the category and question got the problem correct, they got to play “trash-ketball” and earn some possible extra points.

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