What’s Coming Up – Week of March 16-20

What’s coming up?  That is a great question! Like many of you, I would have never expected that our week would have ended the way it did.  We are in uncharted territory, and our district leaders are working tirelessly to determine the best course of action in an unusual situation.  It is my understanding that the district will be communicating with families soon about guidelines for at-home learning.

For now, I am putting together some resources and will be sharing these via GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Your child should have an email in their inbox from me inviting them to access my digital classroom.  Here, I will try to encourage some sense of community.  We’ll start slow as we learn the ropes this week.  I’ve already posted a digital journal and a link to an inspiring TED talk about creativity and innovation during extreme times…sound familiar? 🙂 View it as a family when you get a chance and have some conversation about how and why amazing and beautiful things can happen from struggle.

I am waiting to hear more from the district on plans, and have some ideas of my own. Currently, starting Monday, March 16, at 9:00 AM, I’ll post a DAILY SHEET for each day with a few “to-dos” that will help give a little guidance towards academics.  Everything posted will be encouraged, however, only optional.  All activities are meant to be worked on at your child’s pace and wherever fits into your day.  I will try to keep things as simple as possible, but if you need clarification on anything, PLEASE reach out.

The whole idea is to start establishing and learning a framework from which to function.  I want to have a link to our class community for when you/your child need it.

Mrs. Reagan shared a some ideas on the Georgetown Elementary blog. If you’re on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen similar ideas. You could adapt sample schedules/routines according to the number and ages of children in your family. In the meantime, keep watching our blog for updates.

Be safe and healthy.

Mr. Cooley

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