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My family is using our time away from school and other activities to rest and enjoy the slower pace. One thing I’ve enjoyed is having time to cook and bake with Willem. He is learning some important life skills! Perhaps your kids are eating c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y while you’re home, so maybe you have some opportunities to practice these skills.  At the very least, they will know how to prepare a few simple meals beyond ramen, Easy Mac, or PB&J.  At best, they may be able to start preparing a few of those meals or snacks on their own!

Mrs. Ball shared these with me as she has seen a few free online cooking classes for kids that look like fun, so I thought I’d share them here in case you’re looking for something new or interesting to try during your time at home.

$5 Dinners School Cancellation & Kids Cooking Lessons

  • They post videos on the $5 Dinners Facebook and 1:oo PM EST Monday through Friday.
  • You can also access weekly ingredient/shopping lists and each of their videos at any time using the link above.
  • These are mostly main dish options.

Delish Free Digital Cooking Classes for Kids

  • They post live on the Delish Instagram page at 1:00 PM EST Monday through Friday.
  • Videos remain on Instagram for 24 hours, but if you miss the videos, you can still access the recipes and ingredient lists using the link above.
  • These include main dishes, appetizers, snacks, sweets…a little bit of everything!

Baking Loaves with Little Ones

  • This website is from a baker that follow on social media
  • Includes a recipe for “Kindergarten Wheat” bread- a very easy and approachable bread recipe for families and kids!

Happy cooking!

Students, if you try something, send me an email to let me know what you made and how it turned out. Below are a few pictures of us in the kitchen cooking and baking away! One could say we are stress eating our way through this pandemic but I’d rather call intermittent feasting!  🙂

Mr. Cooley

Willem waiting patiently for Chocolate Chip Cookies to cool!

Cast iron deep dish pizza! Think: homemade Jets!

One of my favorite hobbies is sourdough bread baking! I’ve been practicing and perfecting the process!

Willem was very excited about the pizza!

Homemade chicken noodle soup-with homemade sourdough bread!

Links to some videos!

IMG_6855 IMG_7063 IMG_7021 IMG_6833

Happy Cooking!

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