What’s Coming Up – Week of May 14 – May 18, 2018

Hello Parents!  5th-grade camp is coming up quick! Hopefully, you and your child are already talking about what to pack and have some things beginning to be laid out! If not, use this weekend as a kickstart to avoid “packing panic” later on in the week…we’ve all been there!!!  Help your child to be PROACTIVE!

We are still working on curriculum content and we are noticing some end-of-the-year tune out.  The weather is getting nicer and students are getting antsy.  Support your child with a positive attitude and encourage them to stay focused!

Math: We are continuing our work with Measurement and Geometry.

ELA: We are working on units in reading and writing on Research-Based Argument Essays.

Social Studies: Unit 7 A New Nation

Science: We will continue to investigate the patterns and relationships between our Sun, Moon, and Earth.

Important Dates:

  • May 11 – Early Release
  • May 15 – Camp plan for pick up due (Pink Half-Sheet)
  • May 15 – Let your child’s teacher know if you will be visiting during the day at camp
  • May 17-18 – 5th-grade Camp
  • May 25 – 5th-grade celebration

Ottawa County Police Officer, Eric Smith, shares safety tips with our 5th graders

Students worked on quick, “flash debates,” to see the strength of different positions on an issue in ELA

While listening to their group members defend a point of view, others noted the points that both sides were making

Students prepared important evidence that they would use to defend claims

What’s Coming Up – Week of May 7 – May 11, 2018

Hello Parents!  We were so glad to see many of you who made it to the camp meeting this week!  If you were unable to make it, look below for a link to the presentation that was shown that highlights the important information regarding what students will do, what to pack, medication guidelines and pick-up & drop-off procedures.  PLEASE REVIEW & REFERENCE THIS CAREFULLY!


Our T.E.A.M. program started this week. T.E.A.M. stands for: TEACHING, EDUCATING, AND MENTORING (T.E.A.M.)  and is a school liaison program put on by the Michigan State Police.  It features a school-based, “law-related” curriculum, taught to by T.E.A.M. trained police officers.  T.E.A.M. will take place on Wednesdays and will be led by Deputy Smith from the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department.

Important Dates:


  • May 4 – Look out for a white PowerSchool Web Portal letter coming home with your child which details accessing important online registration and transportation information for next school year!
  • May 9 – Medication Form / Camp Waiver form Due
  • May 11 – Early Release
  • May 15 – Let your child’s teacher know if you will be visiting during the day at Camp
  • May 17-18 – 5th Grade Camp

Check out some of what we’re doing in ELA!  We’ve begun a new unit called, Argument & Advocacy, in which we are examining opinion-based reading and writing.  Currently, students are working in groups to search through articles that take different positions on particular arguments.  We are navigating elements of ethical research by holding on to our biases while we understand each point of view surrounding the topic.  After understanding both sides of the issue, students will choose a side and write to support that point of view in a balanced way.  Some topics include: Should We Recycle? ,  Should Competitive Sports be Allowed in Schools? , Should Killer Whale Shows be Banned? , Is Climbing Mount Everest Worth the Risk?, Should We Focus More on Space or Underwater Exploration? and Should Animals be Kept in Zoos? ,  Check out some photos from our work today!

Jacob realizes how much work goes into ethical research!

Weeding through different points of view takes a lot of effort!

Spreading out materials to see the “Big Picture!”

Sharing thoughts about each article!

Highlighting and making notes on evidence that support different claims.


What’s Coming Up – Week of April 30- May 4, 2018

Hello parents!  Spring has finally sprung!  It’s about time!  I cannot believe that we are going into May next week!  We have a lot of exciting things coming up, including getting ready for camp!  Be mindful of an important meeting for camp coming up next week Wednesday, May 2nd at 6:00 PM in the GES multipurpose room.  Aside from that excitement, we are working through more curriculum content and focusing on some more of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students as we continue towards the end of the school year.  Never a dull moment in fifth grade!

We will be starting Unit 8: Measurement and Geometry.

We are starting units in reading and writing about Research-Based, Argument Essays.

We will continue exploring the scientific phenomenon around forces and motion.

Important Dates:

  • May 2 – WEDNESDAY EVENING @ 6:00 PM! Parent information meeting for fifth-grade camp in the Georgetown Elementary multi-purpose room!
  • May 10 – Jet’s Pizza Night
  • May 11 – Early Release
  • May 17-18 – 5th Grade Camp

We did some fun during MSTEP where we simulated Escape Rooms that helped review some ELA and Math materials.  They had to work collaboratively by communicating effectively and problem-solving difficult questions.  It got intense as competing groups got closer and closer to the end and even raced toward the finish line!The students had a lot of fun escaping Planet Emoji and Emoji Island!

King Emoji

Planet Emoji

Working together

Using our heads…literally.

What’s Coming Up – Week of April 23 – April 27, 2018


Important Dates:


  • April 24 – Culver’s Fundraiser 5-8 PM.  Come and be served by your 5th-grade teachers  from 6:30-7:00 Details
  • April 24- District Wide Art Show 5:30-7:00 Details
  • May 2 – Parent information meeting for fifth-grade camp (Georgetown Elementary multi-purpose room – 6:00 PM)



  • We will be finishing up Unit 7: Algebraic Reasoning.


  • The students will be crafting an informational on-demand writing piece.


  • We will be exploring the force of gravity.

What’s Coming Up – Week of April 16-20, 2018

Happy end-of-a-busy-week, parents! Wow! What a week! Coming back from Spring Break and jumping into 3 days of testing and an early release day! Whew!  I want y0u to know how incredibly proud I am of their hard work and tenacity during these days.  I felt that all of our students put forth their very best effort and gave their all.  We’ve intentionally kept the afternoons light to avoid the stress of added work and have opted for extra breaks, read aloud, and some fun review activities to ease the demands of the mornings.  We’ll have one more day of testing on Tuesday for Social Studies and then we’ll be done! Yay!  I am looking forward to resuming a normal schedule once MStep is behind us!


SUPER SPECIAL THANK YOU TO PHIL SAYERS, Grace’s dad, for bringing in a fun treat to end this week’s testing!  Blizzards from Dairy Queen! What a sweet way to end 3 days of testing!  Thank you so much for your generosity and helping us celebrate our hard work!!

Important Dates:

April 10, 11, 12 & 17 – M-STEP testing dates for fifth grade. Please avoid scheduling appointments during the school day on these dates if at all possible.

April 13 – Early release

April 20 – Check out an offering from HHS Science Students.  Free Screening.  Earth Week Free Family Movie Activity:  Chasing Coral

April 24 – Culver’s Fundraiser 5-8 PM (see your fifth-grade teachers from 6:30-7:00)

May 2 – Parent information meeting for fifth-grade camp (Georgetown Elementary multi-purpose room – 6:00 PM)

What’s Coming Up – Week of March 26  – March 29 , 2018

Hello Parents!  Happy (almost) Spring Break Week!  5th graders have been working hard to prepare for the MSTEP test.  We have been taking advantage of using computers to review material and increase our tech skills!  Hopefully, students feel more comfortable and confident with each session.  Below, you can see some of the work we did as we collaborated on a Google Slides Presentation to teach each other and review specific geometry terms.

Important Dates:

  • March 26 – **Baldwin Street Middle School tour, lunch and registration for classes (afternoon)
  • March 30April 9 – Spring Break
  • April 10, 11, 12 & 17 – M-STEP testing dates for fifth grade. Please avoid scheduling appointments during the school day on these dates if at all possible.
  • April 13 – Early release


  • We will be finishing up Unit 6: Operations and Word Problems


  • We are working on Text-Dependent Analysis which requires responding to reading through thoughtful, crafted writing.

Social Studies:

  • We will be having a social studies test early in the week on the Revolutionary War.  Foldable study guides should be going home each night with your child.  Also, students have access to a Unit 6 Quizzizz practice link on our Google Classroom!

Middle School Course Selection

Counselors from Baldwin Street Middle School visited fifth-grade classrooms today to talk with students about course selection.

  • All students take four core classes: ELA, science, social studies, and math.
  • Students can choose from a variety of exploratory options to fit their interests or their needs for additional support or challenge in specific content areas.
  • Students received course selection sheets. These must be filled out and returned to your child’s teacher with a parent/guardian’s signature by Friday, March 23.
  • For a more complete explanation of exploratory options, including course descriptions and promotional videos, see the BMS Counseling page.  
  • If you have questions or need more information, please contact Baldwin Street Middle School at (616)669-7750 or contact one of the counselors:

Music staff from the middle school also visited this morning to fit students for instruments.

  • Students had the opportunity to try out some different band and orchestra instruments.
  • Your child will be bringing home some information about these programs.

What’s Coming Up – Week of March 12- March 16, 2018

Hello parents!  It’s a bit of a short update this week but we’ll connect in person early-mid next week during our conference time!  Also, check out some photos below of some math work we were doing this week exploring the volume of composite-solid figures!


  • Conferences – I am looking forward to meeting with you at conferences!  
    • Link to my conference schedule
  • March 15 – Instrument fittings
    • Teachers from the middle school will be coming to Georgetown; they will bring band and orchestra instruments here to have the students try them out.
  • Jet’s Pizza Night- THURSDAY, MARCH  8th!  Mention “Mr. Cooley’s Class” when you order!
  • School Safety Request from Mr. Cooley
    • If your child is a safety, please check at home for any brightly-colored safety belts that may be around.  We need those to rotate to new safeties each week. Thank you!

What’s Coming Up – Week of March 5- March 9, 2018

Hello Parents!  February has come to a close and we are getting closer and closer towards some busier times in 5th Grade!  With all of the things happening and coming up, we thought it would be helpful to put a new PAGE on our blogs called “Important Upcoming Dates.” Here, you can view a live link to some very important dates and events that affect your fifth-grader.  Please view this carefully and since this is a living document, please know that some dates and times may be subject to change.  We will do our best to inform you of any changes that could happen well in advance.


  • March 9 – Early release day
  • March 12 & March 14 – Parent/teacher conferences.  Conference times were sent home on Monday on a brightly colored half-sheet .  Please communicate any conflicts with me ASAP and we will work together for a solution. 
  • March 15 – Instrument fittings at Georgetown during the school day.
    • Teachers from the middle school will be coming to Georgetown from 12:00 – 3:30  and will bring band and orchestra instruments here to have the students try them out.
  • NEW BLOG TAB! For your convenience, we’ve added a list of important dates through the end of the school year to our blogs. To view this list, click on the “Important Upcoming Dates” tab at the top of the page.
  • Chaperones for fifth-grade camp have been selected; parents who expressed interest should have received an email from their child’s teacher indicating whether or not they’ve been selected.


What’s Coming Up – Week of February 26- March 2, 2018

Hello parents!

Check out the happenings next week and some photos of some of the research we are doing in ELA!  In the photos, partners are listening to each other’s compelling questions, topics, subtopics and facts that they are discovering through the research of their colonial topics.  We have encouraged students to research using mel.org, which has a set of databases which include free articles, ebooks, and other general information.  We have also been practicing with the basics of citing our sources.  If you have some experience with this, feel free to start a conversation with your child on what effective research looks like and how, sometimes, we need to use some GRIT to find what we’re looking for!

Enjoy your weekend!


  • We are beginning Unit 6: Operations and Word Problems


  • We are continuing our research units in both reading and writing.

Social Studies:

  • We are continuing our work on our unit: The Road to the Revolution.


    • All parents submitted an interest form for chaperoning at camp will be notified whether they’ve been selected on February 28.
    • 5th grade will be attending a Grand Rapids Symphony performance on February 27th.  We will be out of the classroom from 10:00-1:00.
    • 5th grade will be heading to Hudsonville High School on Thursday, March 1 to learn information about upcoming middle choices. We will be gone from Georgetown from 12:30-2:30.
    • Conference confirmation slips will be going home in your child’s backpack on Monday, Feb 26! Be on the lookout!