Important Info for Friday (10/27) & Monday (10/30)

Hello parents!
Please read below to see important information.
As a fifth grade, we’ve had some questions come in regarding the fundraiser, so, to help answer those, please read below:
  • Fifth grade has a few unique experiences that serve as culminating activities for their elementary years; fifth-grade camp and fifth-grade celebration are the major activities.
  • PTC does provide us with some financial support, but fifth-grade families are asked to provide $100 toward the cost of these activities.
  • We provide one fundraising opportunity for families who are interested; this is the Goodies Factory fundraiser.
    • Students earn 40% of their sales toward the activity fee.
    • In order to cover their $100 fee, students would need to sell $250 worth of product,
  • Some families opt not to participate in the fundraiser; instead, these families just send in a check to cover the activity fee.
  • Some families fundraise for part of the cost and pay any remaining balance.
  • Payment for fundraiser items is due on Monday, Oct. 30.
    • This should be ONE CHECK written to GEORGETOWN ELEMENTARY.
  • Any remaining balance (or the total amount for families who opt not to fundraise) will be due by February 1.
Secondly, thank you to those who plan to, or have sent in some snacks and treats for our party already!  We appreciate it!  If you signed up to bring a snack/game/craft or activity, please send those materials in anytime between tomorrow and Friday. I will be collecting and gathering things in the room and will have some general directions for those who have indicated they would like to help out on the day, during the party.
I have had some questions come up regarding if people can come and watch the party.  Yes, you are welcome to come join us, however, we would kindly ask that if you are coming in, that you would join in helping run an activity, setting up food and cleaning up afterward.  With our space being limited and with trying to avoid the hallway as much as possible, we are requesting that you assist during the party rather than simply watch.  I will be taking some pictures and will post them on the blog for parents to check out the festivities.
I hope this is helpful! Please message me back with any further questions that you may have!

Important Monday Reminders!

Hello Parents!  Please check out a couple important reminders as we begin the week!

Halloween Party Reminders- October 27th from 2:15-3:15

  • Halloween Student Costume Codes
    • Please ensure that your child’s costume is school appropriate and does not have too-scary-for-school components such as fake blood, frightening masks, weapons etc.  This should be a fun time for all students and should show respect for all.
    • To avoid distractions, students should NOT come to school dressed in their costume. There will be an opportunity to get dressed before the party starts.
    • Please ensure that your child’s costume and components are labeled to prevent loss.
  • Volunteering on the day?
    • Due to parking limitations, parties are open to parents that are volunteering to support the party.
    • Party Volunteers: Make sure you are background checked. Fill out the form in the “Background Check” page on the blog. Please keep younger siblings at home to allow for space in the classrooms. Volunteers can arrive 15 minutes before the party begins.
    • Thanks to all who signed up to bring items via our SignUp Genius link! Please plan to bring items the day before or the morning of to help with setup! Thanks again for helping make this a fun party!

Conference Confirmation Slips

  • These are coming home today and are on a brightly-colored half-sheet!  Ask your child for this right away!
  • Review the date and time your conference is scheduled at and please communicate any conflicts via email ASAP! Otherwise, no communication will serve as a confirmation of the time.
  • Please communicate with all parties who are planning on attending the conference to support the child.
  • I look forward to meeting with each of you in the coming weeks!

What’s Coming Up – Week of October 23-27

Hello Parents! Another busy week has gone by and so many new learning opportunities are happening!

  • Fifth grade Halloween parties will be on Friday, Oct. 27 from 2:15-3:15.  A small group has mentioned that they would like to help, however, if you’re still interested helping out, even if you cannot make it in, take a look at our needs via our SignUp Genius and send in items and materials a day before the party. Looking forward to a fun afternoon! Thanks!
  • Goodies Factory fundraising information is coming home today!  Orders and payment are due Monday, Oct. 30th! For more information, click here!


  • We are wrapping up Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction with Decimals.


  • Students are participating in book clubs and gathering evidence to write a literary essay analyzing a character.


  • We are investigating how organisms affect the Great Lakes.

This week has all been about groups and group work.  We’re laying the foundation to real-world collaboration with others by working on projects that involve careful listening, sharing and contributing towards a common goal as a group.  At times, this can be tough, however, if we continually reflect on our performance and work to get better, positive outcomes will happen. Check out some of what we’re working on in Science and Reading below!

Students add to their science flow charts that help answer the question: How do zebra mussels trigger a series of cause and effect relationships in the biosphere and hydrosphere?

Students reason and rationalize decisions with one another.

Students use sticky notes to edit their charts before writing a final version.

Students talk about and reflect with their book club about what they’re learning about characters.

We’re learning about collaborative norms and are working to be intentional about giving others opportunities to speak while balancing sharing our own ideas.

What’s Coming Up – Week of October 16

Hello Parents! Please check out the news and updates below!  Thanks also to those of you who mailed me about helping with our Halloween Party.  I will be sending out an email soon to those who have expressed interest to organize some games, activities and small snacks.  I am looking forward to a fun afternoon! Check out some shots of our learning from this week below!


  • Join other Georgetown families for Culver’s Night – Monday, Oct. 16, from  5-8! 
  • Fifth grade Halloween parties will be on Friday, Oct. 27 from 2:15-3:15. Watch our blog for specific details!

Tegan brought in his microscope and expertly helped us get a closer look at some water samples that we’ve been working with this week! Thanks, Tegan!

We got to write on our tables while we practiced writing numbers in standard form, word form, expanded form and expanded for using powers of 10! It was a great way for us to visualize numbers in their place value! Just don’t tell Mr. Rob! 😉

Connecting Parents in the Hudsonville Community

Attention parents!
Please join in for the first Hudsonville Public Schools Parent Connection Night! This event will take place on Tuesday,
October 17 from 6:30-8:00 at Baldwin Street Middle School. You will be able to choose 2 different sessions from the following options:
  • Screen Time: Impact, Safety and Setting Limits
  • Teaching Kids to Get Along: Navigating the Roads of Friendships and Siblings
  • Home Organization: Simple Systems to Help Your Entire Family be Successful
  • Positive Behavioral Strategies for Younger Kids:Less Words and More Visuals
These sessions will all be run by Hudsonville staff members Lisa Keskitalo, Kate Randall, Carrie Ysseldyke, and Melissa DeGroot.  Child care will be provided for children ages 5 and up.  We will also have desserts and giveaways!
If you are interested, please sign up using the following link:

What’s Coming Up – Week of October 9

Good morning parents!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful week! We have some upcoming events mentioned below that you may want to make note of, in particular, the Halloween party date and coinciding volunteer opportunity.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  • Early release on Friday, October 13.
  • Fifth grade Halloween parties will be on Friday, Oct. 27 from 2:15-3:15. Watch your teacher’s blog for specific details.  I am looking for some volunteers who would to plan some activities and help out with snacks, etc.  If this time works with your schedule and you wouldn’t mind a little controlled chaos for an hour, please email me and we can coordinate. Thanks for considering!
  • Jet’s Pizza night on Thursday, October 12.


  • We are beginning our decimal unit.  Towards 


  • We are wrapping up our memoir unit and celebrating!


  • We are investigating how organisms affect the Great Lakes.


What’s Coming Up – Week of October 2

Good morning parents!  This week we have had our first couple of tests of the year in social studies and math!  You may have been wondering about when science will begin…this coming week!  As a district, we are beginning a new science program called, Phenomenal Science, which is an inquiry-based program that all centers around actual science phenomena.  We will all be learning together!  Check out some upcoming events below!


  • We are excited to begin science this week!
  • PTC meeting – Thursday, Oct. 5 6:30 in the Georgetown Elementary Library
  • Popcorn Friday – October 6!
  • THANK YOU for helping with the WalkAthon! Even though it was hot, we sure had fun together! Check our some pics below!


What’s Coming Up – Week of September 25

Hello parents!  We are feeling the the full swing of the school year as well wrap up our first, truly full week of school.  We have been working hard at maintaining our rhythms and routines and building on our knowledge from last year.  Our students have been working hard at our Wall of Fame, which is our collection of Outstanding Certificates they receive for excellent whole-class behavior and helpfulness during specials and passing times-We’re up to four!  Encourage your kiddos to keep up the team work from home and we’ll hopefully earn more!


  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • We will be wrapping up this unit this week.


  • Memoir
  • Building agency as readers

Social Studies:

  • Government
  • Test late in the week; see blog/student agenda for details.


  • Walkathon money due no later than Monday, Sept. 25.
  • School Safety Duty begins Monday, Sept. 25!  Ask your child for details about when they will be on duty.
  • Eagle Pride Day on Friday, Sept. 29!  Show your school spirit!

We’ve been looking at and working on ideas for our memoirs!

What’s Coming Up- Week of September 18

This week, we have spent our time getting into the routine and rhythm of our schedule.  We’ve also continued our work on our class contract, which should be finalized this week with signature and thumbprint, marking our commitment to each other in our classroom.  Check out some upcoming events and on-going business below!

  • School pictures on Thursday, Sept. 21. Student specific information will be sent home on Friday; please check to make sure you have correct information.
  • Walkathon on Friday, Sept. 22. Fifth grade will walk from 10:45-11:30; parents are welcome to join us.
  • This week students were expected to start doing independent reading at home. Your child has a home reading  log in his/her take home folder. Students are expected to read a total of 100 minutes outside of school each week.  After your child records the number of minutes read per day, please initial for that day. At the end of the week, you child is expected to note the total minutes of reading for the week. Please keep these in take home folders as we will refer to the reading logs when we do reading conferences in the classroom.