What’s Coming Up – Week of January 21-25, 2019

Hello parents!  Not too much happening next week outside of the normal, so below you can find some further information about camp and see some of what we are doing in Science! Have a great week!

Camp News:

  • Balance reminders for fifth-grade activity fees will be sent home today on Thursday, Jan. 17. Remaining balances are due by February 1. Please make checks payable to Georgetown Elementary.
  • Information regarding opportunities for parents to volunteer as camp chaperones will be coming home after mid-winter break.
  • Dates for camp this year are May 16-17.

Check out some photos from an activity from our new science unit: Ch-Ch-Changes!

Students worked together and examined different kinds of metals. They were focusing on the physical properties of flexibility, reflectivity, and magnetism.

Students were given a tub full of various kinds of metals and needed to discover ways to sort and compare metals.

Students used flexibility and reflectivity scales, and they recorded responses on their investigation sheets while looking for patterns in the properties.

Students tested the magnetism of the metals.

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